Refillable leather journal The Notebook by URBAN BAG A5 size – Brown

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Even if we live in a time when almost everything is moving to digital, for many of us a diary with natural leather covers and sheets of paper is a necessity. Thoughts, notes, events you have to attend or simple everyday tasks can be written down in the wonderful notebook with natural leather covers The Notebook by URBAN BAG. The 78 white-yellow sheets are the ideal place where your plans can take shape. Also, we’ve made it rechargeable. That is, when it is full, the block of paper can be replaced with a brand new one. The leather cover will remain the same, acquiring its own personality through the small scratches and traces acquired with the passage of time, and the acquired vintage appearance will surely attract the attention of you and your wonderful confidant friend. If I still haven't convinced you that The Notebook by URBAN BAG is the right choice, then here are some more reasons to consider adopting this agenda:

• when you write everything down on paper, you have a much clearer vision of the tasks you have to complete and in this way your productivity is stimulated;
• all your information is centralized: events, thoughts, ideas, plans...
• you can organize your mind and life;
• browsing it you can remember events, vacations, meetings and pleasant moments from over the year;
• you can give up partially or totally the other digital tools;
Know that you can also give it as a GIFT to your near and dear ones.

Available colors for the metal mechanism: silver, black or bronze;
Natural leather cover color: brown;
Color of paper sheets: ivory;
Patterns available for paper sheets: linear, dotted, squares or blank;
Size: A5 – 78 sheets;
Cover composition: natural leather;

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